2013.09 Feature: Dawkins on Daily Show

Last night evolutionary biologist (and by now probably the world's most famous atheist) Richard Dawkins appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart to promote his 12th book, a memoir of his extraordinary life. Needless to say, Stewart spent almost no time at all on the book and went straight into the subject of atheism. The interview segment is normally 7-8 minutes long, but Dawkins was interesting enuf that they kept on going past the end of the show and posted the remainder of it on the internet. You can view it here, on the Friendly Atheist blog of Hemant Mehta, along with erudite comments from Mehta himself and many of his regular readers.


2013.09 News: Voucher School Curricula

As Wisconsin gets set to hand out nearly half a billion dollars to so-called "voucher schools" (90% of which qualify as religiously based "parochial schools"), it's instructive to see what kind of curriculum is being offered therein. Here, for example, is the kind of "science" that some of them are specifically set up to promulgate, lest the tender young minds of their innocent little charges be exposed to the evil Satanic plot of Darwinism.