2013.06 News: Progress on Gay Rights

With yesterday's Supreme Court decisions striking down the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and California's Proposition 8 (which reversed a law permitting gay marriage in that state), America has moved one step closer to freeing itself from the tyranny of mindless religion and superstitious religious prejudice.

Congratulations to all our gay brothers and sisters in the struggle. More work remains to be done, but this is a huge step, and perhaps one day even atheists will be viewed as full-fledged American citizens as well.


In case there was any doubt where opponents of gay marriage are coming from, here's a direct quotation from Wisconsin Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman, appearing on WISC-TV to react to yesterday's rulings:

They’ve [the people of Wisconsin have] spoken and of course our laws aren’t going to change. Nevertheless, I think it does have an impact in that insofar as we want to have a great opinion of America, the fact that our U.S. Supreme Court is outright hostile to and almost mocking the idea that laws that have a religious basis or that are supported by religious people or give negative motivations to religious people [sic] to pass these laws is scary for all of us. You can’t say that because we live in Wisconsin we shouldn’t be worried about this law. We should be scared to death of the type of people we have on our Supreme Court.

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