2013.06 Tip: Secular Celebrant in Madison

This information was provided by Carol Smith:

Need a Secular Celebrant?

Scott McAndrew is a Court Commissioner for Dane County, Wisconsin, located in Madison. He is authorized under the laws of the State of Wisconsin to perform wedding ceremonies and seeks to afford those without religious affiliation the opportunity to participate in weddings and other formal ceremonies with a format and content of their own choosing.

Scott and his family are enthusiastic supporters of the Center for Inquiry and the secular humanist community. In his spare time, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys and is an avid distance runner, music fan, and rock musician.

Scott McAndrew
Email: scott549@yahoo.com
Phone: 608-259-0549

source: Find a Secular Celebrant

Shortly thereafter, LaVada Rooks chimed in with this:

My husband, Jerod Luening, is also able to perform secular marriages here in Southeast Wisconsin.
Call 414-477-7206

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