2013.07 HowTo: National Secular News Updates

AAW is affiliated with Atheist Alliance of America, which in turn is a founding member of the Secular Coalition for America. SCA represents the atheist, humanist, and freethot community in the nation's capital. As part of that mission, SCA maintains 2-way communications, not only briefing Congresscritters on what atheists are thinking but also reporting back to us on what Congress (and the federal bureaucracy in general) are up to on church-state matters.

If you'd like to get this kind of info delivered directly to your own inbox, SCA has helpfully divided it into categories for you:
  • The Morning Read -- A daily run down of the morning's top secular and movement-related news and opinion stories.
  • The Weekly Wrap Up -- Our easy to digest weekly newsletter with updates on the SCA and the secular movement.
  • National Secular Movement Update Call Agenda -- This information-intensive newsletter is for the real secular insider, with a rundown of politics, lobbying efforts, court cases, news, movement updates and other information affecting all facets of the secular movement. The Call Agenda is accompanied by a 30-minute movement-wide call every Thursday at 12 PM Eastern--open to all!
  • Action Alerts -- Get notified when something is happening on Capitol Hill, with the easy and immediate ability to contact your legislators.
  • Event Notifications -- Updates on local and national Secular Coalition events.
  • Secular News Daily -- News and opinion from a secular perspective, including updates from all of the Secular Coalition's member organizations and much more!
To sign up for as much or as little of this info as you like, visit the SCA website and click on the "Sign Up" link at the upper right. This is all free, and you need not be a member of SCA or any of its member organizations to get any of it.

Good public policy starts with good information. Again, that works in both directions.

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