2013.07 News: State-Supported Religion's Tentacles Start Groping Wisconsin

In order for a church to get state subsidy for its religious indoctrination of Wisconsin's kids, all it has to do is claim to operate a school and apply for a state grant for each pupil it purports to be "educating". The process has begun in 15 communities across the state, including 2 schools in Madison which proudly proclaim "Christian" as their middle name. A check for $6,500 per kid follows, siphoned away from what would otherwise be state aid to the public schools in the same community.

Of course, the voucher program is limited to "only" 500 kids statewide. This year. 1000 next year, presumably the same 500 from this year plus 500 newbies. No mention of 2015-2016. Probably they'll just shrink the program back to nothing, right?

A longer-range view of this topic is covered by Hank Zumach's essay, "Tax Subsidies for Bigotry", over under our "Essays" tab.

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