2013.07 News: Outrage in Dubai

Just because this story has what I suppose we'll have to call a happy ending doesn't mean it didn't have a horrifying beginning and a staggeringly atrocious middle. A woman was raped in Dubai and did exactly what any woman should do under those circumstances: promptly reported it to the police.

But those weren't your regular police. Oh, no, they were the police in a fundamentalist Muslim country. So, rather than going after the criminals, the bad guys, the ones who used force on one of their fellow human beings, they arrested the woman for having illegal sex, threw her in jail, and charged her with a crime that could've netted her over a year in prison. A Dubai prison.

And people ask us why we pursue atheism! Religion is a blight on the world, and the fact that one lone woman who had the staunch support of her government (Norway) behind her managed to escape that hellhole with her life, body, and sanity intact tells us nothing about the poor, unnoticed, unsympathized-with women who have to live there silently, day in and day out, putting up with whatever crap their insane religion forces on them.

BTW, yay for Norway, a country that, at last report, was about 30% atheist and 50% agnostic. They know how to treat human beings. So much for the religiotic slander that atheists can't possibly have any morals without some externally imposed absolutism.

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